Welcome to 

Atlanta Mennonite Church!

We welcome all people as beloved children of God.

Following Jesus and trusting that God’s Spirit continues to move among us, we nurture loving relationships grounded in care, curiosity, and respect. 

We share God’s commitment to peace and social justice and support one another in our diverse expressions of lived faith.

We are changing our worship meeting time to 10:00am beginning January 8. We will not meet on December 25 or January 1.

To prevent the spread of COVID, we have arranged our seating so that we are spread out from one another. We are following CDC guidelines concerning whether to wear masks during in-person worship. We use this link CDC Covid Tracker to make that determination. Masks are available as you enter the sanctuary.

Atlanta Mennonite Church is seeking a half-time pastor. Click here for the job description and the application process.

As an Anabaptist community of faith, we are….

Seeking God:  

We want to follow God with the entirety of our lives, in worship and through practices of hospitality and discipleship.


We celebrate and affirm the image of God in persons of every age, gender, race, ability, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Caring for Creation:

For the last decade we have hosted a functioning farm that produces organic sustainable agriculture for our neighbors.


We recognize that our society remains systemically racist.  We witness to the reconciling movement of God’s Spirit, and seek peace with justice.