Atlanta Mennonite Church Pastor Job Description

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Atlanta Mennonite Church (AMC) is in the process of calling a halftime pastor. The church encourages applications and nominations for the position. If someone you know might be a good candidate for this position, please forward to that person the link for this job description (

For information about the application process and to apply for the position, potential candidates should contact Doug Luginbill, Conference Minister for Central District Conference, Mennonite Church USA at

The AMC Pastor Search Committee will review the Ministerial Information Forms of candidates, interview candidates, and recommend a candidate to the congregation. Search Committee members are Charlotte Flores, Becky Kurtz, Brenda Shelby, and Larry Miller (chair).


Halftime pastor, with benefits. AMC follows the Mennonite Church USA Pastor Salary Guidelines.

Church Vision

Atlanta Mennonite Church follows the way of Jesus Christ, welcoming all to join in God’s work for peace and justice.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Vision, leadership, management

Vision: Keeps the vision in mind and the church focused on the vision.

Leadership: Sustains and grows a viable congregation in coordination with existing leadership; takes time to think about what AMC needs; thinks creatively about solutions; enables and calls out gifts of members; draws us together; gives direction; serves as a catalyst; participates actively in the mission of the congregation; makes community connections, including with partner organizations using AMC property; makes decisions within broad parameters determined by the congregation.

Management: Knows what is going on in the life of the congregation; available to all for conversation; makes sure things don’t “fall through the cracks;” supervises the property steward with support from relevant congregational leadership; initiates and responds to correspondence (including letters, phone calls, and internet inquiries) on behalf of the congregation.

          B. Supports and participates in setting direction for the congregation’s worship

Ensures thorough planning of worship services in cooperation with the worship committee of which s/he is an ex officio member; normally preaches/teaches two times per month; leads worship occasionally; fulfills other worship duties as congregation desires.

C. Supports the congregation’s decision-making

Submits agenda recommendations to the Moderator prior to the Congregational Meeting; provides a periodic pastoral report; participates with equal voice to rest of congregation in Congregational Meetings.

D. Makes sure that pastoral needs of congregants are met

Provides pastoral support and guidance to individuals directly or makes sure that others are doing so; makes appropriate referrals; engages in the lives of AMC participants; listener and encourager.

E. Reaching out/Hospitality

Reaches out to former and prospective members and participants and assures follow-up with visitors.

F. Meets with congregational leadership for support and counsel

Meets at least monthly and more frequently as needed with congregational leadership.

G. Represents AMC to other entities

Represents and/or coordinates others representing AMC to groups such as Mennonite Church USA, Central District Conference, denominational organizations, community groups, and other churches.


The pastor will be committed to the life and mission of Atlanta Mennonite Church, become a member of the congregation, and be committed to the theology and practices of Mennonite Church USA. The pastor will be seminary-trained (M.Div. preferred). The pastor will be ordained or seek ordination with Central District Conference.

The pastor will demonstrate these core characteristics:

  • A maturing faith in Jesus Christ with commitment both to the biblical witness and to the Anabaptist-Mennonite vision (e.g. discipleship, community, peacemaking);
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including interest in one-on-one relationship building, and attitudes: warm, outgoing, adaptable, ability to relate to all people both inside and outside AMC;
  • Leadership that embodies strength, humility and a spirit of collaboration;
  • A practice of ministry that makes space for waiting, doubt, tension, and disagreement as well as healing, joy, laughter, harmony, and celebration.
  • Strong organizational and communications skills;
  • Creativity, vision, and ability to motivate others.


The pastor will report to and be supervised by the congregational leadership and is ultimately accountable to the congregation.

This job description is the initial basis for discussion with candidates, rather than an exhaustive list of qualifications and duties.  We expect to use the interview process to explore unique gifts of candidates, even if not included in the description, and how those gifts may fit with the strengths and needs of our congregation.